I am funding this 7 continent challenge out of my own pocket so that all donated funds will go directly to fight MLD and care for MLD affected families.

My goal is to raise $7,000 USD per race for a grand total of $49,000 at the end of this 2 year challenge!  PLEASE DONATE AND HELP ME ACHIEVE THIS GOAL AND HELP THE MLD FOUNDATION!

Maybe you can’t run an actual marathon on even one continent, but perhaps you are able to financially run the seven marathons with me.  It’s easy to support MLD with a 1-time donation, but we’d like to encourage you to go the distance with your ongoing support throughout this quest … please consider one of these partnerships:

  • Running Buddy … committing to seven donations, one for each continent I run on, donations made at the time of each run
  • Training Buddy … a modest monthly donation over the 22 months it will take me to complete seven marathons on seven continents
  • Seven Continent Partner … My most challenging race will be on the 7th continent, Antarctica, not just because it’s Antarctica, but because I will have recently run 6 other marathons.  This support commitment is designed for those who want to be equally challenged … for each race you will donate some number of dollars representing the cumulative number of kilometres I have run in all the races to that point.  So if you commit to being  Bronze Australian Partner at 50 cents per kilometre, you will donate 1 x 42.195km x 50 cents/km = $21.10 for the first race, 2 x 42.195km x 50 cents/km = $42.20 for the second, and so on until the last race which will be 7 x 42.195km x 50 cents/km = $147.68.
AU Partner ($AU/km) US Partner ($US/mi)
Partner Level $AU/km 1st Race 2nd Race 7th Race $US/mi 1st Race 2nd Race 7th Race
 Gold $2.00 $84.40 $168.80 $590.08 $3.00 $78.60 $157.20 $550.02
 Silver $1.00 $42.20 $84.40 $295.37 $1.50 $39.30 $78.60 $271.10
 Bronze $0.50 $21.10 $42.20 $147.68 $0.75 $19.65 $39.30 $137.55
 Copper $0.25 $10.55 $21.10 $73.84 $0.40 $10.48 $19.96 $73.36

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