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Twelve Hours Until I Tour Tokyo By Foot – #FMLD #RunOverMLD

The time is near and I am about to go to sleep before the Tokyo Marathon in the morning.  Our good friends Erin and Sophie Nakamura spent the day with us visiting rabbit and owl cafes in Tokyo.  We just finished a pasta carb load dinner in Shinjuku before saying good bye to our friends for […]

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Japanese Run Over MLD Flyers

Hi everyone!  Here are some Japanese flyers that can be printed to support me in the Tokyo Marathon! The links are PDFs that should be easily printed! #RunOverMLD #FMLD

RunOverMLD_Japaneseflyer_kanji RunOverMLD_Japaneseflyer_kanji2

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Two Weeks Til Tokyo

Welcome to my first blog posting for my challenge to run 7 marathons on 7 continents to help fight MLD!  I am sure the first question you are asking is, “Is this for real?” or “Chris, are you serious?”  Yep, it’s happening and even I am a bit surprised at what I have signed up […]

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